Congratulations to the 2022 Francine Bunch Awardees!

On May 20, 2022, the Pennsylvania Head Start Association, named Jeannie Wayland (Pocono Services for Families & Children) and Rachelle Bohner (Capital Area Head Start) winners of the Francine Bunch award at the Pennsylvania Head Start Association’s annual membership meeting. The award is given to a parent and a staff person from a PHSA member organization displaying the qualities of Francine Bunch. To read more about Francine Bunch and her dedication to Head Start, click here.

Jeannie Wayland was nominated for the Francine Bunch Parent Award by Pocono Services for Families and Children. Her love for Head Start began as a child in New Jersey. And carried on when she became a parent in Head Start from 2003 to 2005. She loved the Home Visits and services Head Start offered. She attended parent meetings and became involved in community agencies. She started volunteering in the program and began her education in Early Childhood Education and Social Work.

She joined the Pocono Services for Families and Children as a combination teacher so that she could continue doing home visits. During her time with Pocono Services for Families and Children, she was a role model and supported families in advocating for their children with disabilities when entering kindergarten. She also did her internship as a Family Support Specialist working to establish positive relationships with families to help them move forward.

She also worked with Pocono Alliance Smiles Program, further supporting at risk kindergarten aged children. She sat on the Heroin Opioid Task Force helping families facing addiction. She has worked with women who are transitioning from the prison system. She is now an Early Intervention Service Coordinator Supervisor for her community.


Rachelle Bonner, known as Shelly, started as a parent in CAHS 17 years ago .  While in Head Start as a parent, Shelly became active in the Policy Council. While involved with Policy Council she applied for a job within Head Start. She worked in the classrooms and as CAHS receptionist for over 13 years. Currently, Shelly is the Office Manager and assistant to the Executive Director. She is invaluable to the Executive Director, the director team and all staff members. 

During Shelly’s time at Head Start, she has also been a valuable resource for other families. While on Policy council, she was a voice for not only her children but all the children at her center as well as other centers.  She represents CAHS on Health Service Advisory Committee. She also helps plan CAHS teacher appreciation events along with our in service days. 

As a former parent and current staff member many parents and staff members look to her for encouragement. They have seen that Shelly has been involved with Head Start for many years and that she continues to grow professionally and educationally.