Who We Are and What We Do

Our Mission: Pennsylvania Head Start Association improves the future for children, families, and communities who are economically challenged.

Our Vision: The Pennsylvania Head Start Association advocates for children and families who are economically challenged to ensure all children reach their full potential. As a responsive, collaborative, and thriving organization, we embrace diversity, promote comprehensive services, and unify the early childhood community by leading the charge for professional development, information sharing, and advocacy.

The Pennsylvania Head Start Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, a non-partisan association serving as a voice for Pennsylvania's most vulnerable children and families.

Francine Bunch Award & Jeff Koppel Memorial Head Start Scholarship Fund Recipients 

Current Head Start Staff, Jacqueline Lapping (Pocono Services for Families and Children) and Gail Bethea (Community Services for Children, Inc.) were each recognized with the Francine Bunch Award. Together they have been part of the Head Start community for more than 79 years!

The Jeff Koppel Memorial Head Start Scholarship Fund named Bara’a Kamal (Kingston, PA), Emily Jacien (West Wyoming, PA) and Sabina Hoffower (Emporium, PA) recipients of the fourth and final Jeff Koppel Memorial Head Start Scholarships. The scholarships recognize Head Start graduates, with outstanding academic and personal achievement, along with strong leadership and initiative. 













  Take advantage of our FREE webinars!

The Association recently hosted two very insightful webinars.

The first one was presented by our Associate Partner, Communications Essentials LLC. It was a great session that helped us understand the importance of Language Justice and how we can create steps for inclusive services.

The second one was presented by Learning Genie. They gave us insight on "Boosting In-Kind Using Continuous Quality Improvement Model." We explored innovative strategies to enhance in-kind contributions using their Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) model.

The recordings can be found in our Learning Management System (LMS) by clicking below.

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Our Annual Membership Meeting was an exciting time for us as we reflected on our activities and achievements in the year 2023.

We appreciate you being part of this meeting and celebrating our awardees and scholarship recipients!

For those of you who were unable to attend, watch the recording below.


We are also proud to recognize Dr. Yum as the official sponsor of the Membership Meeting.

They are a non-profit on a mission to help families and communities overcome the barriers of eating well. Eat well. Change your world.