Francine Bunch – A Reflection

 Francine Bunch began her involvement with Head Start as a parent with the Lancaster Child Development Program’s Head Start. She was an active parent at the center, now named in honor of her memory, as a volunteer in the classroom and for parent activities. She was hired as a classroom aide in the Lancaster Head Start Program and quickly became a Parent Involvement Worker. Francine’s devotion to involving parents with their child’s development and the community was recognized by the program in her promotion to Parent Involvement Coordinator.

As Parent Involvement Coordinator, she worked with parents in both Lancaster City and throughout Lancaster County. She was loved by city and county parents alike because saw parents in their total person. She honored the eagerness, caring, intelligence, humor and all the good things that help to make us the person we are.

Francine recognized the importance of continuing one’s education and always encouraged parents to return to school and further their education by attending adult training, Vo-tech and college.

Francine was one of the early organizers for the Pennsylvania Parents/Staff Association and the Region III Association. The month prior to her death, Francine worked diligently to host state meetings for parents in Lancaster.

Francine always worked with a smile and saw the positive in the people with whom she came in contact.

The Francine Bunch Memorial Award is given to a parent and a staff person from a PHSA member organization displaying the qualities of Francine Bunch. This award is given only when there is a nominee who meets the standards set for the award.