PHSA Public Policy Agenda 2023 

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The pandemic has caused a disruption for children and families in the state of Pennsylvania.  The most vulnerable families who qualify for Head Start and Early Head Start are feeling the greatest impact and are disproportionately affected - experiencing  illness, homelessness, and mental health crisis. In most cases Head Start is the primary advocate for the health and wellness of these children and their families.

Head Start and Early Head Start’s is the cornerstone of early childhood education providing comprehensive services for children and families prenatal through age 5. This kind of programming is exactly what  these families need to regain stability in their communities in order to move forward successfully.   Consequently, it is PHSA’s position that  the legislature (federal and state) should provide significant funding increases to Head Start/ Early Head Start programs that will allow them to fully address the pressing needs of  all of the children and families we have promised to serve.