2.02 Public Benefits in the New Normal Part 2

Presenter: Sheila Forrester

Title: Family and Community Development Coordinator

Organization: Capital Area Head Start

Co-Presenter: Peter Zurflieh, Esq

Title: Executive Director

Organization: Community Justice Project

Workshop Description
This session will provide a general overview of what public benefit programs look like in the pandemic times. We will be discussing the programs administered by the PA Department of Human Services for which Head Start families may be eligible, including Cash Assistance, SNAP, Medical Assistance/CHIP, LIHEAP, and subsidized child care. There will be limited information about unemployment compensation and other programs that assist families with basic needs. An important aspect of all public benefit programs is the client’s right to appeal, so we will also talk about how to file an appeal and where to get legal help for an appeal. We will talk about how Cash Assistance and SNAP participants can take advantage of employment and training opportunities.