1.01 Keynote: We Are Family! All Children Come with Grown Ups Attached

Presenter: Rachel Wagner, MSW

Title: Keynote Speaker

Organization: Devereux Center for Resilient Children

Workshop Description:
Ninety percent of the time, our efforts to partner with families are a swimming success, but
ten percent of the time, they can be fraught with tension and negativity. The relationship
between a parent/guardian and the adults who help them care for and educate their child is a
deeply personal one. Values, culture, and emotions sometimes collide and create a strained
relationship amongst the important adults in a child’s life. At times, we all may want to avoid,
blame or battle...BUT instead, we need to relax, regroup, and be more responsive to
everyone’s needs. During this keynote/workshop, you will have a chance to explore your
feelings, reflect on your experiences, and gain new insight on how to handle difficult
relationships with families.